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 Rules of The Forest

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Rules of The Forest Empty
PostSubject: Rules of The Forest   Rules of The Forest EmptyMon May 18 2009, 20:09

Please follow these guidelines if you wish to join this group.This forum is meant to help create an enjoyable way to have fun, meet new people, and speak your opinions. This is where any RPs will take place.

1.) Please restrain from using excessive profanity or obscenity. Any behavior used to infringe upon the rights of another individual will not be tolerated.
2.) We are all here to socialize and to voice our opinions. Please be civilized. No one like a total smart ass.
3.) Excessive violence or otherwise "mature" content is not allowed.
4.) If there is any sort of conflict between two or more users, we ask that it is not made personal. Also, if it proves to be too much of a problem, the Admins will br forced to intervene.
5.) Now that that's out of the way, go on and have fun!
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Rules of The Forest
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