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 Hello. Now the pack is complete.

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PostSubject: Re: Hello. Now the pack is complete.   Thu Apr 23 2015, 17:04

Welcome to The Wild Side
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PostSubject: Hello. Now the pack is complete.   Sun Jan 06 2013, 20:51

The last post for this forum was back in 2010. I know this probably won't be seen, but I guess it won't hurt to at least try to show my support for the ol' forum, eh Amaya?


Pack: Black Rose

Name: Alex Catastrophe Calipso
Species: Red Fox
Gender: Male
Age: 15 - Human years
Rank: Warrior/ Wolf'en
Behaviour: Calm, logical/ intelligent, sometimes playful, paranoid, troubled, stubborn, often pedantic
Heritage: N/A

Name: Monsoon Zorro Calipso
Species: Red Fox, Scar across right-side of face
Gender: Male
Age: 21 - Human Years
Rank: Warrior/ Wolf'en
Behaviour: Stubborn, fierce, empathetic, tense, reckless to protect his family, charitable
Heritage: Alex - Father

Name: Phobia Shadessire
Species: Wolf, Black. Eyes black as well, with no irises.
Male: Male
Age: 16 - Human Years
Rank: Warrior/ Wolf'en
Behaviour: Depressive, monotonous, not one to ever relax, sometimes aggressive and demonic,
Heritage: Alex - Brother

Name: Jikou Otherwood
Species: Siberian Husky Pup/ Chimera
Gender: Male
Age: 6 - Human Years
Rank: Canis/ Apprentice
Behaviour: Sympathetic, kind, honest, bit of a coward
Heritage: Unknown

Name: Asclepius Calipso
Species: Fox
Gender: Male
Age: 0 - Human Years
Rank: N/A
Behaviour: Not developed, a mere toddler
Heritage: Alex, Amaya - Son

Pack: Bloodslayer

Name: Mayapel (Black Devil)
Species: Wolf, Maple-coloured pelt
Gender: Male
Age: 18 - Human Years
Rank: Rogue
Behaviour: Short-tempered, rash, mysterious, selfish, ruthless
Heritage: Shadow -Brother

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Hello. Now the pack is complete.
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