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 My Name is Alex Calipso (Shads, Amaya)

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My Name is Alex Calipso (Shads, Amaya) Empty
PostSubject: Re: My Name is Alex Calipso (Shads, Amaya)   My Name is Alex Calipso (Shads, Amaya) EmptyThu Apr 23 2015, 17:01

* A Certain Black Wolf Looked down watching the newcomer *
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My Name is Alex Calipso (Shads, Amaya) Empty
PostSubject: My Name is Alex Calipso (Shads, Amaya)   My Name is Alex Calipso (Shads, Amaya) EmptyMon Feb 25 2013, 02:16

Welcome. The name is Alex. Just Alex. I was a wanderer, a drifter if you will. I never found that anchor until I found the woods. There wasn't another anchor there for me. want to know how I wound up making my life here? Well, heh, okay I suppose. It's not that fascinating a tale, to tell you honestly, but why not?

My brother, father and I just so happened to be traveling along the outskirts of this river in the depths of the woods, looking for fish and berries. A daily routine, or at least for us. We'd all gone for a single moment to take a drink of the purest water this side of the world, when there was....a gunshot? That's what humans call those fiery canisters of death, I believe. 'Guns'.

When the birds exploded into the air with ferocious noise, all three of us retreated into the bush. My father barked he heard footsteps behind us, so we stooped in some shrubs and waited for them to pass us by. In the moment we hid, I managed to see the hunters' prey: two wolves, one male and one female, tailed by a bloodhound. They seemed tired, as though they'd been running a long time. I saw a teeth-mark on the male's hind leg from a trap; we knew too much from experience. It was hampering him, and though he tried the dog was gaining on them both. The female was trying to keep them both together.

"Just a little longer, Shads. Not far from the den, then we'll kick this thing's ass. Hang in there-"

There was another gunshot, and suddenly the female went down with a pained yelp. The dog was instantly right on top of them-

I knew they were in deep trouble, so I shot out of my hiding spot and jumped on its back, digging at its eyes and scratching at its face with my long claws. A few moments later my family came to my aid, and the three of us swiftly put the canine out of commission. When it keeled over we leaped off of it and began to help the prey. Phobia helped the male, though he didn't need it much, and I helped the female along with my father. We snuck back to the bushes, and the hunters passed by us without much problem, only heartbroken at the sight of their dog dead.

When they moved on, we finally got the chance to consult this group of wolves.

"Are you two alright?" Asked my father. "You're quite lucky that we were passing through, or you would have surely been taken by those two-leggers."
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My Name is Alex Calipso (Shads, Amaya)
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