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 Werewolves: Could they possibly exist?

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Werewolves: Could they possibly exist? Empty
PostSubject: Werewolves: Could they possibly exist?   Werewolves: Could they possibly exist? EmptyTue Oct 27 2009, 17:18

Is it possible that werewolves really exist? I believe that it is quite a possibility, especially after watching the documentary "Werewolves: The Dark Survivors." This two-hour special takes a bite out of the natural history documentary genre as it dares to imagine that werewolves aren't a myth but a small segment of today's society. Shot in a faux-documentary style, the world of werewolves is explored as a deeply disturbing murder mystery unravels within their clan. As the investigation heats up, a picture is painted of every aspect of these creatures' lives - from how they breed to how they remain undetected - all backed up by scientific explanations so plausible that even the hardiest skeptic will struggle to spot where reality ends and fantasy begins. This documentary premiered on Sunday, October 25, and it will rerun on Thursday, October 29 from 9-11 p.m. Remember this, fellow Wild Siders, this could quickly become a hot topic!

My friends call me "Wolfy" for a reason.
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Werewolves: Could they possibly exist?
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